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Holiday Season 2023: Packaging Trends Your Company Should Keep in Mind

Flexible packaging manufacturers get swamped with seasonal orders close to the holidays, so designing your packaging early is crucial for a timely product rollout. The end of the year is the perfect time to customize your containers to attract more attention to new offerings and provide extra value to customers. To make a big impression in the final quarter, incorporate these popular trends into your holiday packaging.

Seasonal Packaging Design Tips

Consumers expect seasonal packaging to some degree, even if it’s just a color palette change. Your challenge is meeting that expectation while standing out from all the other companies doing the same. When you strike that balance between recognizably holiday-inspired and uniquely your brand, you create a customer experience that sticks with your patrons long after the packaging is gone.

Customize Branding

Even if you go all-in with seasonal packaging, the design must align with your branding. For instance, if your company emphasizes the simplicity of its products or advertises goods as ways to simplify everyday life, your containers should reflect that. Clean, minimalist designs fit well with this particular brand story, while cluttered, chaotic images will confuse customers.

During the design phase, also consider how this new packaging will enhance the customer experience. You have a few options:

  • Limited-time collectible designs
  • Bonuses such as discount codes
  • Materials reusable as holiday decor

Prioritize Functionality

Custom food packaging bags are an excellent option for the holidays, as they make incredible gifts. You can even get creative with the shape or size. However, it’s possible to go overboard on the design.

Unique designs can be eye-catching, which is key for piquing consumer interest. The trouble arises when the fun, innovative changes interfere with functionality. If customers buy a product and then find it inconvenient to open, close, or store, they won’t purchase it again.

Use a Connecting Theme

You likely have several products on store shelves, each with a deliberate twist on your branding. When designing packaging for multiple products, choose one theme to tie them all together:

  • Snow-related images
  • Recognizable characters from holiday stories
  • Ugly sweater patterns
  • Holiday decorations

You can change the colors for each product, helping customers identify the differences between models or flavors, while the singular theme makes the entire line feel cohesive.

Recyclable Packaging Materials for the Holidays

Sustainability is a significant concern for consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Z. With so many brands pulling out all the stops for the holiday rush, utilizing environmentally friendly materials can set your company apart.

You’ll need to first choose a material that fits your product. Fortunately, there are plenty of sustainable options:

  • Recyclable material
  • Compostable material
  • Post-consumer recycled material

Whichever you choose, announce it on the packaging. Doing so ensures consumers who value eco-friendly packaging will recognize your efforts. From child resistant mylar bags to lay-flat pouches, there are plenty of containers to experiment with this holiday season. Start brainstorming early to give your company ample time to test and revise design as necessary. Doing so helps you provide a positive experience to consumers, who may continue to purchase your goods throughout the year.

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