Video: Pro-Palestinian Man Throws Rats Inside McDonald’s In Protest, Urges Boycott Of Companies Supporting Israel

Video: Pro-Palestinian Man Throws Rats Inside McDonald’s To Protest Support For Israel

A video shared by Imam of Peace shows a pro-Palestinian man throwing dozens of rats into a McDonald’s outlet, as a way to protest against their support of Israel’s war against Hamas militants in Gaza.

At the end of the video, a card was displayed showing companies that should be boycotted because of their stance in the ongoing conflict that has killed numerous innocent people on both sides.

Supporters were urged to stop buying food and drinks from Starbucks because the company sued its union for posting support for Palestine.

McDonald’s was to be boycotted for donating meals to the Israeli army, while subscriptions on Disney were urged to be canceled immediately, and their movies boycotted because the company declared their support for Israel by pledging a $2 million donation.