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5 Actionable Time Management Tips for Home Based Business Owners

Eventually, you will get to a point in your home-based business where everything is simple. You can work 2 hours a day, check emails before bed, or whatever your heart desires. However, in the beginning, it’s nothing like this at all. Here are 5 ways you can utilize your time properly to progress your home-based business at a faster rate.

Creating a List

You might already have your own list you create at the beginning of the day, but if you don’t you should start now. This allows you to see everything that needs to be done and you don’t end up forgetting one of the most important pieces. Sure some people believe it’s a grade school type of tactic, but all successful people do it. Oh, some people call it “a planner.”


When it is time to work make sure you do. This means getting rid of those little habits that turn out to make everything take longer. The best thing to do is treat your time for work like you would a regular job. This means eliminating the television, limiting our personal calls throughout the day, or anything else that might be necessary. Even if you have to set a specific amount of hours we highly recommend it. If you stick to your guns you will be able to run through tip #1 with ease.

Set priorities

You will have certain tasks that need to be done each day. As you create your “to-do” list, prioritize those tasks and do the most important ones first. In addition to being able to get the vital jobs done, you will also find that prioritizing things aids you in keeping deadlines if you have them. This is especially important for freelancers working with clients that need the job at a certain time.

Be realistic

While everything sounds great so far, you don’t want to ruin it by not being realistic. Seriously, if you saw a company that tells you that you can make six figures, it’s not going to happen tomorrow. It’s not going to happen in the first month, or even six months. If you made this your goal, something that high will only leave you wide open for a huge downfall. When we talk about being realistic the idea is to start small until you accomplish it, and then move on to a slightly bigger goal.

When you have goals like this you are adding pressure to your work log every day. Don’t fall into this trap, but instead know your limits. After all, you wouldn’t exactly call yourself a master of your business after the first day, right? So why try to believe you’re going to make the money the higher the individuals up the ladder do?

Stay organized

Keep all work materials organized and easy to get to. If you have to search for items every time you need them, it takes your mind off of the task at hand. Hence, it is more likely to forget where you were and cause mistakes.

Along these same lines is the art of mastering when to say “No”. Being at home, you will need to have time to perform chores; that is a given point. However, those chores and household tasks can be done after your work has been done for the day.

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