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Yes, You Can Continue Using Twitter in Nigeria after Buhari’s Ban- Here are the Best VPNs!


Following the ban on Twitter operations in Nigeria by Buhari, which has gotten people asking how else can Twitter be assessed in Nigeria? The good news is that Twitter can still be assessed in Nigeria using what is called Virtual Private Networks or VPN.

How does a Virtual Private Network or VPN work?

In layman’s terms, it simply creates a false identity of your actual location. That means you can be in Nigeria, but with the Virtual Private Network, it is assumed that by your location, you are in another part of the world…or nowhere at all!

How can I use Virtual Private Network or VPN to assess Twitter now banned in Nigeria?

Just download a good VPN app from your app store, install it and follow the procedures. It is that easy.

What are the best or recommended VPN to use to assess Twitter banned in Nigeria

First of all, there are tons of VPNa out there. However, according to Olorunshola Emmanuel, here are the most recommended Virtual Private Network or VPN to use to assess Twitter now banned in Nigeria;

1 Betternet: this doesn’t need any special configuration, just search on app store install and skip registration, connect!

2. NORD VPN: This is one of the biggest names in the world when it comes to VPN. They have free and paid service. You must sign up to use them though.

3. Ultra VPN: This is like Nord but better in some features. You must sign up to use and you’ll have a free trial before paying. You can use a single account to access two devices for the free plan.

4. ExpressVPN: To me, this is the best presently as I use it now. It’s paid app but you can use the same account to access 5 devices including laptops and phones. Not all VPN can bypass Netflix. But with ExpressVPN, you can connect to USA and watch movies available only in USA. You can get 30 days FREE when you sign up for ExpressVPN. The #1 trusted VPN: Fast, secure, and easy to use

Olorunshola Emmanuel further added that the Nigerian police might start checking phones looking for a VPN. Just in case they do, there are apps that allow you to hide apps on your phone. Some phones have this feature by default, if yours doesn’t, just install and hide the VPN.

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