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How does human meat taste? Ask Baboola, the Ugandan Cannibal!


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a cannibal or how steps to becoming one? Or rather what it feels like to eat human flesh plus, or how it actually tastes like? Well seek no more cos Baboola from Uganda has all the answers!


Baboola is a cannibal and he lives in one of the remote villages in Uganda, a country that had no laws against cannibalism…so in other words, you can eat someone with the person’s proven consent! He was introduced into eating human meat by his brother-in-law!


As an experienced cannibal, Baboola said fresh human meat or flesh as some refer to it as, tastes much better than one that has been dead for a while. He further elaborated that human flesh from a recent corpse or person that just died tastes much better than that which has been dug out from the grave.


According to Matthew Goldman from Vocativ who discovered Baboola in Uganda, asking him how he gets his human flesh, he simply said that it is been brought to him…does that mean the family sells their dead relatives to these cannibals? If so, a black market for the illicit trade can spring up and people would start kidnapping and murdering others, for the purpose of supplying human meat!


Well, let’s not be scared, at least on media, as Baboola the Ugandan Cannibal, just like the repentant Bokoharam terrorists in Nigeria, has said he is a repentant cannibal and no longer eats human meat…except on some special occasions, which he refers to as cheating!


Cannibalism is a common but terrifying thing in Uganda, and the fear of been eaten has forced many of her citizens to impose self-curfews on themselves, especially in some danger zone, which is restricted by every possible means! Joseph Kony, the leader of the lord’s Resistance army was highly accused of being a cannibal, with reports pointing that he forces his soldiers to drink their enemy’s blood.


Health-wise, cannibalism is very much unhealthy, as it can lead to the further spread of deadly diseases and further deaths, passing on diseases from one generation to another. This can occur when people eat human meat or flesh from a corpse that died from a disease. The disease can pass on from the dead person to the person that eats it. This can occur either during some funeral traditional rites that involve family members or accused eating a body part of their deceased relative or friend, or also, through pure cannibalism!


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