Fahim Saleh, CEO of Gokada, Brutaly Murdered, Dismembered, in NY Home

Fahim Saleh- CEO Gokada
The CEO of Gokada, the first bike hailing service in Nigeria, was found cut in pieces by a chain saw, in his posh $2.4m New York apartment. His gory body was discovered by his sister who came to his apartment when she was unable to contact him. His body was dismembered and arranged in 3 different packs; his head, limbs and torso. The dastardly act was executed with an electric chain saw which was still on when he was discovered.
Video footage captured by security cameras seems to show the assassin and Fahim entering the lift, with the assassin’s face covered with a mask. On getting to his apartment, Fahim fell as the lift opened to his apartment, suggesting that he might have been initially shot.
Rumors have it that the assassination could be linked to huge sums of investor’s money in Gokada, which was lost when Lagos State Government banned bike transport services popularly known as “Okada” earlier this year.
Another has it that he had dealings with the Medellin Cartel in Columbia with respect to another ride-hailing app.
Gokada Bikers
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