Uber Driver Rapes Drunk Passed Out Woman In His Car After Arriving At Her Destination, Ending Trip, Then Taking Her Away | See Video Of Him Beaten Up


Ann Uber driver was caught raping a drunk woman who had passed out in his car. The man first took her to her destination, ended the trip on arrival, before driving off to another location where he then entered the back seat of the car and had sex with the lady.

According to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, the woman had been out drinking with her friends at the bars around the Olympia area early Saturday. Her friend then booked an Uber ride to take her home because she was too drunk to go by herself.

58-year-old Ahmed Ali, pulled up at about 12:17am, and she hopped into the backseat of the car. The trip was supposed to be about 12 minutes.

Ali then took advantage of the highly intoxicated woman by making it seem he had dropped her off in her destination on the Uber app, whereas, he took her to a hidden spot in a fishing area off the Nisqually River outside of Fort Lewis Army base.

The woman’s friend who had gone to another bar after she had left with the Uber, came to her home 30 minutes later, but she had not arrived.

They notified her father who proceeded to track her daughter’s exact location using the Life 360 app. According to the app, they had being on the move for 23 minutes and had passed the Uber dropoff location before heading to the secluded spot.

The father, in company of others, caught the Uber driver in the act, raping the drunk woman in the back seat of the car.

Ali tried getting away but was caught and severely beaten up. His enraged father fired two shots at him, but missed.

A video footage of the driver in court still captured the aftermath of injuries sustained as a result of the beating he received.

Thurston County Superior Court Judge John Skinder gave him a bail option of $100,000 with the condition that he must always have a GPS monitor on him.

“Marking (victim) as dropped off in the Uber app, yet continuing to transport her to another location, demonstrated (suspect’s) intent to conceal (victim’s) location where he believed no one could find her so that he could sexually assault her,” Thurston County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Rudy Breteler said.

Reacting to the crime, Uber said, “We take reports of this nature very seriously and removed the driver’s access to the platform as soon as we were made aware of the incident. We have a dedicated team standing ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation.”