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Google Maps Says Drake’s House Owned By Kendrick Lamar – Photos

Google Maps Says Drake's House Owned By Kendrick Lamar - Photos

Kendrick might be getting the upper hand in his ongoing beef with Drake after the rapper somehow “proved” on Google Maps that he owns Drake…I mean his home.

Accounting to screenshots shared online, searches on Google Maps on Drake’s home revealed they were owned by his rival Kendrick Lamar. A quick zoom seemingly showed parts of his mansion owned by Kendrick’s dog and son.


The development left social media agog with many fans saying Kendrick Lamar has the upper hand in their beef so far, and J Cole was lucky he quit on time.

Kendrick and Drake’s beef has intensified following weeks of verbal jabs. The rappers have now taken it personally, releasing diss tracks and allegations involving domestic violence and undisclosed paternity.

Their rivalry dates back to 2013 when Lamar, who was then an upcoming star, made a boastful remark during a performance at the BET Awards, which was interpreted as a jab at Drake’s vulnerability in his music.

The wound was again opened last year when J Cole and Drake, alongside Lamar, referred to themselves as the “big three” of rap in the song “First Person Shooter.” Lamar then said he was the best in the rap game in a fiery verse on the track “Like That,” asserting that there is no “big three – it’s just big me.”

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