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Fenbendazole, Ivermectin: Effective & Cheap Treatment For Cancer & Why Big Pharma Companies Not Approving It – VigilantFox

Fenbendazole, Ivermectin- Effective & Cheap Treatment For Cancer & Why Big Pharma Companies Not Approving It - VigilantFox - unsplash - National Cancer Institute - stop-cancer-button
Photo credit: Unsplash – National Cancer Institute – stop-cancer-button

According to The Vigilant Fox as well as many testimonies online, Fenbendazole is a miracle, very effective, lasting, and very cheap treatment for cancer, despite its type.

Dr. @MakisMD was quoted as saying that Fenbendazole has at least 12 proven anti-cancer mechanisms in vitro and in vivo.

However, Fenbendazole is yet to be recognized or approved for cancer treatment, and no clinical trials have been started because “it’s very cheap, it’s safe, and it seems to be very effective”, @VigilantFox said. “Fenbendazole is not going to make anyone rich, and in cancer treatments, that is a non-starter.”

The author also added that Ivermectin, the drug once labeled “horse de-wormer,” has 15 anti-cancer mechanisms of action, and is very effective in the treatment of cancer.

Some people came in the comment section to support the assertion that Fenbendazole actually treats and cures cancer and is the best alternative to chemotherapy, which doctors would immediately recommend.

“I treated my Vulvar cancer with it. I’ve been cancer-free now for 2 years!!”, Terra said.

“My husband is being treated for stage four right now, he is on an immuno therapy treatment that includes the second drug mentioned”, @Lori_is_Looking said. “Very effective with minimal side effects and his cancer is near gone throughout his body. He had brain surgery end of June and at one hundred percent removal, which made him a candidate for the therapy, as I understand it.

“Fenbendazole, as it sounds, would have cut out 80% of the side effects that he does have, from the therapy currently, given my limited available research. I’m just damn glad I am still able to be by his side. I’ve learned a lot in the past four months regarding our medical “system”, first hand.”

“I know someone that had cancer in 4 spots and has been using fenbendazole, she is now cancer free”, Rudy Mut said.

“My husband found out he had stage 4 lung cancer this past January! He is NED(no evidence of disease) now. He did have chemo & radiation, but they rarely kill cancer STEM cells. He took FENBENDAZOLE & IVERMECTIN plus other supplements to get to NED!They work! Took 10 months to NED”, Karen Bearss said.

“And it will be taken off the market and never seen again every time somebody finds a cure they get rid of it just like with covid every time there was a cure they got rid of it loose lips sink ships” Julie Jones said.

However, people were cautioned about its use and its effects on the liver.

This is coming as the news of healthy people, including fitness enthusiasts and athletes, dying suddenly as a result of taking covid vaccinations continue to make rounds.

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