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Making Your Conclusion Count: 9 Tips to End Your Essay Strongly

Making Your Conclusion Count- 9 Tips to End Your Essay Strongly - Unsplash - Glenn Carstens-Peters
Photo Credit: Unsplash

The conclusion of an essay is more than just a formality. It’s the final handshake with your reader, the lasting impression you leave behind. A strong conclusion reaffirms the importance of your topic and provides closure, ensuring your arguments resonate and remain memorable. As the last word, its significance is paramount, playing a pivotal role in encapsulating the essence of your essay and making your argument unforgettable.

Reiterate Your Main Points

Reiterating main arguments and findings is a pivotal step in solidifying the essence of any discourse. This revisitation aids in ensuring that key points are not only understood but are also firmly retained by the audience.

For instance, when swamped with myriad tasks, options like pay someone to write my essay service EssayHub.com emerge as a lifeline. This not only provides relief but ensures quality work when one’s plate is full.

It’s vital, however, to avoid mere repetition. Instead, the focus should be on summarizing and reframing in a concise, yet impactful manner.

Answer the “So What?” Question

Addressing the “So What?” question underlines the broader significance of your essay’s content. By emphasizing its relevance, you highlight its implications in the wider context. This not only gives your essay depth but also ties it to larger issues or themes, allowing readers to see its place in the grander scheme of things. This connection fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation, ensuring that your essay doesn’t just inform, but also resonates on a more profound level.

End with a Strong Statement

A compelling essay deserves an equally powerful ending. Crafting a memorable final sentence can seal the deal, leaving your readers with a lingering thought that stays with them long after they’ve finished reading.

Avoiding cliches is crucial at this juncture. Instead, opt for original, impactful words that encapsulate the essence of your message.

Remember, your concluding statement is the lasting impression you leave behind. Make it count by ensuring it resonates, captivates, and solidifies the importance of your discourse.

Incorporate a Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is more than a mere conclusion; it’s an invitation for the reader to engage further. Whether that means challenging them to think differently, prompting a tangible action, or encouraging a shift in perspective, a well-crafted CTA amplifies the impact of your essay.

However, its effectiveness hinges on its alignment with the essay’s purpose. Ensure your CTA is tailored to resonate with your main message, guiding readers towards a meaningful and intended response.

Avoid Introducing New Ideas

Introducing fresh concepts or arguments in a conclusion can confuse and sidetrack readers. Instead of providing closure, it opens new avenues of thought, often leaving the audience with a sense of incompleteness or uncertainty.

It’s essential to keep the focus on rounding off the essay’s main points. By steering clear of new ideas, you ensure that readers leave with a clear understanding of your message, emphasizing cohesion and maintaining the essay’s integrity.

Link to the Introduction

Linking your conclusion to the introduction crafts a holistic narrative arc, giving readers a sense of completion. By referencing your starting point, you create a narrative loop, drawing them back to the essay’s initial premise or question.

This technique not only showcases coherence but also underlines the thoroughness of your exploration. It ensures that the readers appreciate the journey they’ve been taken on, recognizing the beginning, middle, and end as parts of a cohesive whole.

Stay Authentic and True to Your Voice

Consistency in tone and style throughout an essay is crucial. It provides a seamless reading experience and maintains the writer’s unique perspective. Ensuring authenticity in your conclusion means avoiding a generic or impersonal tone, which can dilute the essay’s impact. By staying true to your voice, you offer readers a genuine insight, leaving them with a sense of connection and understanding of your distinct viewpoint.

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Seek Feedback

One of the most effective ways to refine your essay, especially its conclusion, is to actively seek feedback. An external perspective can bring fresh insights, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement that might be overlooked due to familiarity with the content. Peers, mentors, or professional reviewers can offer invaluable feedback, revealing nuances that might be lost to the original writer. By taking this feedback onboard and incorporating constructive criticism, your conclusion can evolve, ensuring it effectively encapsulates your essay’s main points while resonating with a wider audience.

Revise and Refine

Conclusions shouldn’t be rushed. They deserve meticulous attention, much like the rest of your essay. Revisiting your concluding remarks, refining language, and polishing ideas are key steps. This refining process is about enhancing clarity and eliminating ambiguity. If you feel exhausted or just out of time, the best essay writing service can take the rewriting portion off your hands.

The goal is to ensure that your final statements are both memorable and crystal clear. A well-revised conclusion stands out, emphasizing the core message and ensuring it lingers in the reader’s mind.


The essence of a powerful essay often hinges on its concluding remarks. An impactful conclusion not only summarizes but leaves a mark, echoing the essay’s core messages and insights. For an essay to truly make an impression, it’s imperative to find a harmonious balance between the content and its conclusion, creating a seamless narrative that informs, convinces, and stays with the reader.

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