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How to Take Your Onboarding Process to the Next Level (Guide for Business Owners)

Improve your onboarding process and discover the best onboarding practices in this expert guide. 

Research shows that the average number of people who apply for a job position is 118 (LegalJobs)

After going through their résumés and conducting interviews, you’ll need to onboard your chosen employees. Naturally, this is the hardest part of the process and usually comes with some difficulties. However, this guide is here to help improve your onboarding process and ensure that you (the business) and your new employees are happy. 

Let’s run through step-by-step how to take your onboarding process to the next level and operate like a big business. 

Step 1: Optimize Technology 

Technology is key to the modern onboarding process.

Specifically, it’s a good idea to start using HR Software. This is a type of digital tool that makes onboarding so much easier. Whenever a new hire is added to your team, their profile will automatically become available in the Time and Scheduling part of the software. Right off the bat, you’ll be able to manage everything related to your employee from one place, including their pay, work location, and more. It’s that easy. 

The best part about this is that it means employees can start working for you as soon as possible. Finally, there’ll be no long waiting periods between hiring and starting dates. Instead, employees can dive straight into the action with minimal fuss or hassle, thanks to the HR software you use. 

Step 2: Provide Training Resources

Next, you need to provide your new hire with the training resources they need. This should include an employee handbook (which can be sent as a PDF) as well as video tutorials. For example, if an employee will be required to use a specific application in the office, such as Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp Business, they’ll need to learn how to do it.  

Step 3: Setup the Workspace

While your new hire is at home reviewing their training resources, set up a workspace for them. The workspace should include a spacious desk, a comfortable chair, and all of the relevant tech, such as a desktop computer

Step 4: Ask if the New Hire Needs Anything Specific 

When you get the chance, call your new hire and ask them if they need anything specific in order to thrive while working for you. You’ll likely get different responses from new hire to new hire, so be prepared to adapt. As a general example, you can expect them to ask for things like notepads. If you already have these resources in place, you’ll be able to inform the new hires about this. 

Step 5: Assign a Mentor

Lastly, assign a mentor to new hires.  

A mentor will help to cap off the onboarding process and ensure that any new hire experiences a smooth transition into the company. They’ll feel more relaxed and at ease due to the fact that they have someone by their side who they can ask questions, get help from, and more. 

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