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A Guide to the Best Local Eats in Missouri

Here we will go over a guide to the best local eats in Missouri. 

Missouri is known for its unique and delicious cuisine options. So, when you are visiting the state, it is only right to find the best restaurants around to avoid missing out. From Smoked BBQ to Classic Italian, you are sure to find a menu that catches your eye and satisfies your cravings.

Let’s jump right in!

Prison Brews

Prison Brews located in Jefferson City, MO, is a penitentiary-themed restaurant known for having a classic yet tasty pub-style menu and a truly unique atmosphere.

The brewpub hatched the idea for its unique theme from the old Missouri State Penitentiary located just two blocks away. The retired prison offers tours to the public, so if you feel like having a prison-themed day, you can take the tour and stop into Prison Brews for more fun. 


There are three Amighetti locations; Hill, Rock Hill, and CityPark in St. Louis. Amighetti’s is a group of quaint restaurants most famous for their sandwiches. Many residents claim Amighettis have the best sandwiches in the state.

Amighetti’s does not only serve sandwiches; they also have many Italian dishes like soup, salad, and pasta. A few customer favorites include baked spaghetti, ribollita, and Tuscan white bean crostini. 

Bogart’s Steakhouse

Bogart’s Steakhouse is another small restaurant local to St.louis. Bogart’s is known for barbecuing top-quality meats that never disappoint. Their meats are smoked, barbequed, and prepared to perfection in a process that can take hours. Since each meal is prepared with such care, getting your hands on a plate is subject to availability.

If you want to try Bogart’s, be sure to go earlier in the day because they are a popular restaurant that sells out fast. A few of the most popular menu items include pulled pork, beef brisket, pastrami, and turkey, and you can choose from classic barbeque sides like sweet & sour coleslaw, deviled egg potato salad, and fire & ice pickles.


Stroud’s is a long-running Overland Park restaurant that serves American comfort food. 

Although Stroud’s serves a variety of meal options like burgers, salmon salad, quesadilla, and pork tenderloin; their juicy pan-fried chicken is what attracts residents and tourists from all over.

Customers also rave over Stroud’s side options which are described as more flavorful and fresh than those provided by typical comfort food establishments. Their mashed potatoes, cottage fries, coleslaw, pasta salad, and chicken soup are a few favorites.

Tortilleria Perches

Tortilleria Perches commonly referred to as Perches, is a Springfield establishment serving traditional Mexican dishes. In reviews, customers exclaim that Perches is the true definition of authentic Mexican food, and this is because the restaurant is owned and run by the Perches family: a family who embraces and has a deep love for their Mexican culture. 

Fan favorite dishes come from their “family recipe” portion of the menu, which includes items like Perches Nachos, Tamales A La Diabla, and Guisado De Barbacoa. On Taco Tuesday, you can choose from pork, chicken, beef, and bean tacos and pay only $.99 each ( much cheaper than your low-quality fast-food taco options).

Thai Spice

As you may have guessed, Thai spice serves authentic Thai cuisine. There are many Thai Spice locations throughout Missouri such as Independence, Kansas City, and Lee’s Summit.

Thai Spice offers typical cuisine options like Phad Thai and pho beef and more unique options like drunken noodles and galangal soup.


Q39 is a famous Kansas City barbeque restaurant known and desired countrywide. Their national championship barbeque and grilling techniques led by BBQ champion Rob Magee attract customers from all over Missouri and surrounding states. 

Q39 offers many barbeque options like salmon, smoked buffalo chicken, burgers, and brisket, but what draws in the crowd is their competition plates such as, smoked & charred half chicken and the Q pork spare ribs. 

Pop’s Blue Moon

Pop’s Blue Moon is one of Missouri’s most unique bars and restaurants considering they are the only place in the state offering cannabis-infused menu items, which they call Cannabrunch.

(And due to Missouri’s cannabis laws — which you can learn more about here — you don’t need a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis-infused products as a visitor.)

Pop’s is located in St.louis on top of the hill near some of the city’s most popular attractions.

If you go to Pop’s for cannabrunch, you can expect a five-course meal- each infused with 10mg of hemp-derived THC. Brunch starts with your choice of CBD or THC-infused alcohol and a spinach quiche. Next is Tomato soup with grilled cheese. After finishing your soup, you are presented with a copycat KFC bowl. For dessert, you are given a white chocolate-covered strawberry covered in green Oreos (to look like cannabis) and a tres leches cake.

This Cannabrunch meal is a pop-up event coordinated with Yonder Eats and occurs frequently. When in Missouri, be sure to check their calendar for dates.

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