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Habits You Should Stop Immediately & Can Destroy Your Life’s Success

Photo Credit: Omid Armin-Unsplash

In order to live a healthy and successful life, there are things and habits you need to take up and do as part of your daily routine and lifestyle, and others you shouldn’t do and stop immediately if you are.

Ever wondered what it takes to be successful or what you should everyday to everyday and achieve and retain that, riches exclusive? You might want to ask famous and rich people what they do everyday and how they do it, or you can simply go through this summary list gotten from various sources.

Though there the list of habits that can harm or make one successful is quite inexhaustible, here are the top that you should look out for and stop immediately or start doing inorder to be and live successful in life.

  • Procrastination –  Do it now.
  • Lust – any action driven by lust is harmful in the long run.
  • Day Dreaming – Not planning and executing your goals and then daydreaming about the life after you achieve them will lead to nothing. Act to complete your targets with a vision in mind. Sum of Smaller targets achieved = vision achieved in the long run
  • Not saying no – you don’t always have to say yes to a plan. The hardest employee ends up as the donkey bearing load.
  • Eating junk food – A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The basic thing you can do to maintain your sound health is to avoid junk food. The results will be highly rewarding.
  • Watching porn and excessive masturbation. It will lead you no where and slowly damaging you.
  • Addiction: Addition to alcohol, drugs, sex, social media, and even phone.
  • Un-requited love: chasing behind people who are not yours and showing affection for those who do not deserve.
  • Health: Not taking care of your food, sleep, body (exercise).

Other pieces of advice for a successful life include:

  1. Studying in bed – Your bed is made for sleeping, it is your comfort place. Try finding a new environment, other than your bed to study in and you’re most likely to get more work done.
  2. Aimlessly scrolling through your social media accounts if it is of no benefit to you
  3. Avoid looking at your phone before going to sleep
  4. Try not to doubt yourself too much
  5. Stop surrounding yourself with negative people
  6. Stop gossiping and slandering
  7. Stop making every aspect of your life public – nobody wants to see what you ate for breakfast
  8. Don’t lie because you’re afraid to hurt the other person’s feelings. Speak the truth.
  9. Don’t skip meals
  10. Stop snacking when you’re not hungry
  11. Stop overspending and start saving money
  12. Try to avoid watching too much TV and social media.
  13. Start using your time wisely
  14. Stop pondering about the past and start focusing on the present
  15. Never stop learning – The moment you stop learning, you stop growing. The moment you stop growing, you start dying.
  16. Never follow the crowd – Understand the future
  17. Get out of your comfort zone – Your comfort zone is your death zone; never stop pushing yourself!
  18. Avoid Negative relationships: Pick your friends and your partners wisely.

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