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Europe, Britain, Called Out After Germany Returns Benin Artefacts To Nigerian Stolen During Colonial Era


Germany has returned Benin Bronze artifacts back to Nigeria. The items were looted by the Europeans and the British during the period the African country was been colonized by them.

The artifacts, numbering 20, were returned to Nigeria from Germany and a handover ceremony was held in Abuja – the capital of Nigeria.

The artifacts are bronze sculptures valued because of their history and heritage as well as its beauty and technical artistry.

Speaking on the reason why the Benin sculptures and bronze artifacts were being returned back to Nigeria, Germany’s foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, said Nigeria was openly robbed and his country bought those goods, with full knowledge that they were stolen.


“Officials from my country once bought the bronzes, knowing they had been robbed and stolen”.

The stolen Benin sculptures and artifacts were also returned as part of ongoing efforts to make up for the wrongs that were dealt to Nigeria, as well as other African countries, during the colonial era.

Following the bold step taken by Germany, the United Kingdom, as well as other European countries have been called out to return the artifacts and sculptures which were looted from Nigeria and other African countries during colonization and kept in their museums for tourist attraction.

desling_28: Now it’s England’s turn

paul_hrvt: Imagine the london museum doing the same

jonnymenendezsomoza: British people should follow

shalu.7040: Now England should return India all stolen stuff

thanyaanandakumar: Ok please ask Persians TO RETURN THE PEACOCK THRONE which was looted by them AND THE PRECIOUS STONE KOHINOOR by the UK.

ansaraliadnan: When are they returning the things which they have looted from Indopak subcontinent?

alighostgunner: Don’t ask the same from England. They’ll be left empty handed

tron_special: Now Austria needs to return the last Aztec emperor headdress to Mexico

tanicejudge: When are England gonna return all the things they have looted?

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