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About Orkanian Aliens & Organians First Mentioned In 1967 Star Trek Film- Errand Of Mercy


After “? Aidemleoxide”, the person that accurately predicted the day Queen Elizabeth would die, mentioned the introduction of the Orkanians to mankind, the quest to know more about the aliens has been paramount.

Unfortunately, “? Aidemleoxide” who formerly operated via the Twitter handle @aidemleoxide, is no more. The Twitter name and handle have now been changed to “Skip” and “@0xSkip” respectively. Whether the move was intentional, maybe the operator wasn’t genuine from the start and decided to cashout, by selling his Twitter account or the person behind the account has been coerced to do so, abandoning the aim of sharing whatever secrets he/she might be unraveled. Probably the powers-behind-the-scene don’t want such information to be made public yet and have decided to shut the operator up for good. We don’t know.

Okay, going back to the Orkanians, I guess it is now public knowledge that they are a type or rather, a race of aliens from the planet Orkana. However, do you know that the first mention of them was in the Star Trek’s film titled “Errand Of Mercy” which was released in 1967? And guess what, they were revealed by the name Organians from the planet Organia.

After many accusations or would I call them reports that mankind had since made interactions with these aliens, some quaters even claiming that some of these aliens are trapped in well-guided areas on this earth, NASA getting theologians to study how humans would react to the reality of alien existence (I get it, many would be heart-broken to realise they are not the only ones in the universe), it makes no wrong to assume that alien existence have since been known by man but kept secret for some reasons (good or bad, I don’t know).

Still from the 1967 Star Trek Movie- Errand Of Mercy, it was played that the Organians and probably the Orkanians too, were much technologically advanced but very peaceful, against the use of violence, even when they were been killed in massive numbers.

The movie also talks about a “United Federation of Planets”, probably hinting that there are other planets housing other types of aliens. They would then have a formal agreement to guide their relations with each other (members and non member nations…planets), more like NATO, USSR, ECOWAS, etc. And least you forget, one of the major reasons for nations forming alliances, after trade and travel is “defence”, and he that has never fought or witnessed a fight, most likely will not see the need for forming alliances for defence.

Of course, there must be an American involvement, afterall, what would the United States gain after lying on the first moon landing and not being part of the history of the Orkanians (or Organians?) and alien life in general? That was where the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701); a starship or interstellar spacecraft designed for traveling between planetary systems, was used in the Star Trek – Errand Of Mercy. In reality, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) depicted in the movie is related to the US Navy aircraft carrier which was launched on 24 September 1960.

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