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? Aidemleoxide To Reveal The Orkanians, Aliens From Orkana Planet, Time Traveling


“?” the unknown person that uses the Twitter handle @aidemleoxide and accurately predicted when (the day) Queen Elizabeth would die, is set to reveal an advanced type of alien known as the ‘Orkanians”.

The talk of alien existence and their interaction with mankind has been a topic enshrouded in mystery, though that eggshell seems to have been cracked a long time now.

Probably, the knowledge had always been there but was purposely covered and made secret by those at the helm of affairs. Or mankind wasn’t ready to assimilate such reality, hence the third eye didn’t open, or perhaps, it has always been here with us, but many were blind to just recognize it.

A lot of alien sightings have been reported by individuals from around the world, and NASA has kind of admitted that truly, these guys from another planet exist, else why study how mankind would react to finding out that they exist?

You get the point?

So, the question of their existence is no doubt, but what is rather intriguing now is their “introduction” as Aidemleoxide called it, and its timing. With the increase in sightings of these aliens, have you stopped to wonder why they are suddenly revealing themselves now?

Anyways, the guy that sees the future, Aidemleoxide, probably has a lot to tell us, and they must be really important, for us and maybe for him, else why the many reminders on his space? Lol.

He also mentioned time travel and Government corruption. Hey, why you are already thinking America…lol.

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