After Slap Effect: As Will Smith Career Nose-Dives, Wife’s Red Table Talk Soars

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Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage definitely gave out differing and opposing reactions, as a number of his movies and engagements subsequently came to a halt, but that of his wife had a nose-lift.

Jada Pinkett Smith, just announced on her Instagram page, that her Red Talk Show (RTT) has been nominated for the 4th Daytime Emmy Awards, sharing a photo of her team.

We are so deeply grateful to the entire RTT family for all your hard work and to our RTT community for your undying support. We love what we do, so a big thank you to all the members of NATAS for this acknowledgement. We deeply appreciate it❣️

Her show was nominated under the “Outstanding informative talk show” category.

A Run-Down of Will Smith’s Losses After The Infamous Slap

Wondering what actor Will Smith had lost after attacking Chris Rock on stage? Here you go:

Comedy Series – The Joker on Roku canceled.

Movie projects with Netflix and Sony are said to have been put on hold.

Non-participation in any Oscar Awards for the next decade…wow!