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Tochi Akwaugo Wazobia FM Blasts Sex For Help Men, Advises Ladies


A sex for help story shared by a lady on the internet certainly angered Tochi Godspower of Wazobia FM, also referred to as Akwaugo, prompting her to pen down her thoughts on her social media status.

“My Motivation to get my own
money is this ^^ Some
men Ehh!
Good evening ma
Please don’t judge me, I did
Christmas and Boxing Day with
a married man in hotel of his
village. I was feeling bad but to
be fair, I don’t have one naira
and I couldn’t resist because he
promised to complete my
school fees. When I left, he
transferred the money in my
front but seems network
delayed it. Upon now, no
money, I have called no pick ups
and texted no reply. I just feel so
bad because I depended on it
for my fees.
God forgive me, I will keep
calling him.”

After she revealed that avoiding such was her self-motivation to work hard, as she has been in such a situation before, She then advised ladies to resist giving in to such men and let them “go to hell”, because playing to their games will not allow the hand of God work in their lives.

They can’t help without
asking for sex.
Hey Me, Young girls, until
You tell a man to go to hell
with his “help for sex”. You
cannot see the mighty hand
of God. As an applicant, I
rejected a job for sex. God
gave me Wazobia. I reject
Car for Sex, God will still
give me Car. Sex your ass
down and work, work, pray

and stay chaste.
God is raising Wealthy girls,
Rubbish Men everywhere. I
dey vex, cause, I have been
here, I know the pain

She then sought to find the girl, saying she will share her paycheck with her, whilst advising ladies to get serious with some work and earn their own pay, in order to avoid such predicament.

How dare some men?
If I know this girl, I go
share my salary with her.
Go and pay your fees.
God will shame that man.
Some men torment girls
just for body.
I hate poverty I can
stay awake 24hours and

get my own money
I wear short skirt, makeup
stay happy for my own
self gratification, not for
any man to sex objectify
me. Taaarh!

Sit your ass
down Not sex,
please. I was
angrily typing.
My body dey

Encouraging the womenfolk, Akwaugo revealed how she stretched herself during the festive period, working with minimal sleep just to get her own money.

30th December 2021,1
worked on from 5am to 6pm,

from 6pm journey to Nanka,
worked from 9pm 4am the
next day @ Worship Fest
Nanka and got paid go. Slept
4am till 9am 31st and stayed
awake till 2am 1 st Jan 2022.
Actively working, cooking and
praying. We don’t break down,
God is our strength. No

headache. God will provide
for us. Sometimes, the money
come stress free, other times
it come stress filled.
In anyway, we do it and thank
God. As far as, e Legit, I go do
the job and get paid!”

See screenshots below:

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