5 Ways To Make Your Kids Sleep On Christmas Eve Amidst Santa Claus Wait

child sleeping beside near christmas tree lights gift on awaiting santa claus gifts on christmas eve

Many parents are currently battling with this right now. It’s a perenial huddle as one parent puts it.

Children get excited when it comes to holidays, partying and ofcourse, onboxing Christmas gifts specially delivered by the white-bearded man with protruding tommy stuffed in red- Santa Claus, and yours is not different.

Well here are a list of tips to help you get over with the Christmas eve and have your kids sleep till the next day.

Cut down their sugar intake
They wont just have that energy to keep up with the excitment, or as some would call it, sugar rush

Play some soothing music

Playing soothing musics have been proven to help one relax, and maybe these christmas songs might help.

Keep up with the schedule

Simple, let them do what they usually do at the times its usually done. The power of routine works wonders and mother nature might take them off to dream land when the scheduled time comes.

Allow them

Allowing them to play out their excitment throughout the day or for some hours can tire them to sleep.

Break their hearts

I put a disclaimer on this. But telling them there is no Santa Claus coming with christmas gifts and probably you are the one that always buys the gift will showly crash all the excitment and they might probably cryoff to sleep.