Dowen College: Parent Burst In Anger During Zoom Meeting

zoom meeting of parents of students of dowen college

One of the parents of a previously bullied student of Dowen College could not hold back her emotions and anger when she lashed out at a former guidance counselor of the school, during a zoom meeting of concerned parents.

During the online group meeting, the ex guidance counselor revealed that the structure of the school paved way for continued bullying and cover-ups amongst the students.

He said the school as well as many other boarding schools don’t have the structure of design for a good boarding house system.

He added that Dowen college was a time bomb waiting and as a result, he resigned.

However, a parent would not have any of his talks, because according to her, he would have informed the parents of the development.

She queried why the school would not have CCTV cameras despite charging 3 million Naira for school fees.

She added that her son, though lucky to be alive, was also bullied like the late Sylvester, having a suitcase put on his head with several students around him in a cult-like manner.

She accused the head of the school of being nonchalant for doing nothing about her case because it did not get to the media.

Watch an excerpt of the Down College parents zoom meeting below: