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Do Charity Organizations Take Most Of The Money Donated To Them?

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This question has been in existence and probably as old as the history of charity began and people started donating freely and even willed their estates & wealth on their demise.

Many charity institutions, both local and international, including the Red Cross Society have been accused severally of having the top management and those at the helm of affairs, embezzling and eating fat off funds donated by individuals and even institutions.

It was even alleged less than 5% of funds donated to the Red Cross Society actually gets to the victims!

Recently, Nigerian-born and international singer, Davido raised 250 million or 609,934 USD, after having his friends gift him 200 million Naira and adding 50 million Naira personally. He then created a committee to disburse the sum to orphanage homes across the country.

After Davido made the announcement, a Twitter user cried out that according to her mother, the money wont get to the children, because the officials and nurses will steal all of it.

“Bee @soibomari ยท Nov 21
I told mum what Davido did and I’ve never seen her revolt so passionately against something. She said the money won’t get to the children cos welfare officers steal all. I hate NigeriaLoudly crying face She said its so bad that nurses never want to leave welfare homes when they’re posted there.”

However, Davido assured her, as well as others concerned that it wont happened, swearing on his life!

“I will personally make sure this doesn’t occur !! I put that on my life !”


So, here you go, why would anybody think of stealing something donated by another to help the poor, needy or victims of whatever disaster you can think of?

Something needs to be done now before this perception erodes public confidence on charity institutions, both local and international.

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