Daddy Freeze Debunks Pastor’s Claimed Prophecy on Sound Sultan’s Death!

daddy freeze debunks pastor prophecy on musician sound sultan as guess

Daddy Freeze has debunked a Pastor who claimed to have prophesized the death of Sound Sultan in a video recorded in his church on June 13, 2021.

Daddy Freeze pointed out various loopholes, indicating the prophecy was too generic and could not have been for Sound Sultan.

He wrote;

“Sound Sultan was 44 years old. HE WAS NOT A BOY!

Sound Sultan was also technically NOT in Nigeria which in my opinion contradicts his statement;
“There is a musician in Nigeria’.

The demography of his audience is much wider than the ‘very young’ stated here. Sultan shares the same demography as artistes such as Tubaba, Don Jazzy, Peter and Paul of P. Square etc.

Now let’s discuss the T-Shirts. It’s popular culture to wear T-shirts to celebrate Icons even while yet alive, so if any popular musician dies; they MUST wear T-shirt.

If he had been more specific and said stuff like ‘A festac born musician’, or ‘Cancer is going to take a musician’, or ‘a musician with deep and meaningful songs etc, then maybe…. but this is simply too indistinct in my humble opinion.

As far as I am concerned, this was NOT a prophecy in my humble opinion. At best it was guess work.

Most matured people won’t take it seriously…. ?…. Meanwhile both Pres Buhari and Gov Sanwolu mourned him publicly..

This sounded more like he was referring to a younger generation musician, more appropriately from the Wizkid, Davido, Naira Marley generation. NOT Sound Sultan.