Video: Girlfriend Rejects MMA Fighter’s Proposal After He Lost A Match

Video: Girlfriend Rejects MMA Fighter's Proposal After He Lost A Match

An MMA fighter got a double disappointment after he lost a lopsided fight, proposed to his girlfriend right in the Pentagon, and she rejected his ring.

The event happened last week at the Clash of the Stars tournament in the Czech Republic when Czech fighter Lukas Bukovaz after his defeat decided to go ahead with his planned proposal, and bent the knee for his fiance. The woman, looking embarrassed said no despite the cheering crowd.

Watch the video below:

‘Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not,’ she said into the microphone.

‘I don’t think so.’

According to his fiance, she turned down his proposal because he was cheating on her.

Her rejection was met with boos from the crowd, and a man at the ringside was seen trying to throw water on her.

Though Lukas Bukovaz denied being unfaithful, some fans faulted the timing of his proposal.

‘He could have saved it til he won a fight. Someone should have taught this guy about timing.’

‘Know when to pick a moment,’ another said.

Lukas Bukovaz’s loss was embarrassing because it was a two-on-one fight. He had teamed up with Patrik Horvath against one man – Jan Michalek.

“Two losses in two mins, rough for broski”, one fan wrote.

“Talk about taking the double L, sorry for that guy”, another added.