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Video & Photo: King Charles Shocked At Official Portrait. Looks Like Satan, Demonic – Many Say

Video & Photo: King Charles Shocked At Official Portrait. Looks Like Satan, Demonic - Many Say

A video footage of King Charles unveiling his first official portrait captured him shocked at his photo, even as many say he resembles satan himself.

King Charles’s reddish royal picture drawn by Jonathan Yeo and measuring 7.5 foot-by-5.5 feet has the king standing in his Welsh Guards uniform, his hands on the hilt of his sword, and a butterfly hovering just over his right shoulder. The artist had previously painted Kevin Spacey, Tony Blair, and Prince Philip.

According to Mr. Yeo, the butterfly signified his assent from a prince to a king and his longstanding love of the environment.

However, the online community said that King Charles looked like a demon in his royal portrait.

“The color red is representative of Satan, a monarch butterfly represents mind control, and black eyes in a dream signify a demonic presence. When they tell you who they are, believe them”, Marc said.

Another likened it to Obama’s portrait, attaching a photo of the former president and his wife, Michelle Obama, which he described as “strange”. It also also likened to the photo drawing of Clinton and Bush on Epstein Island.

Another comment related the King’s portrait to Adrenochrome, another said it was evil, while a third said they can see a face.

“Is this FOR REAL? LionHearted asked. “I thought it was fake”, she continued. I had to google it. Good God! The red is a mistake! Red is associated with bloodshed, ‘reign of terror,’ ‘blood on his hands,’ which for a Monarch is the wrong message! 😳

Another user shared a video clip of “King Charles proudly admitted that his bloodline goes all the way back to Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula.”

According to his post, Vlad the Impaler’s bloodlust and cruelty were said to have inspired the most famous vampire in literature. “He thought to have killed between 40-100,000 people in just six years”, @ShadowofEzra continued. “Dipped his bread in the blood of the victims” since “watching human blood flow gave him courage”, an excerpt from Dracula suggested. 

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