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Kelly Clarkson Credits Mystery Medication for Aiding Weight Loss

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Kelly Clarkson openly revealed the truth on how she attained her remarkable weight loss – a prescription medication to help manage her blood sugar levels.

In a frank discussion with Whoopi Goldberg on her talk show, the singer revealed she has been taking an undisclosed drug under her doctor’s guidance after previously being reluctant about it.

“My doctor chased me for like two years, and I was like, ‘No, I’m afraid of it,'” Clarkson admitted, citing concerns over her existing thyroid issues. However, due to worsening blood-work results that showed she was becoming prone to prediabetes, the music superstar decided to heed her physician’s advice.

“It’s something that aids in helping break down the sugar, which obviously my body doesn’t do well,” Kelly Clarkson explained, dismissing speculation that she had been taking the popular weight loss drug Ozempic. She declined to name the specific medication though.

The 42-year-old also opened up about the moment that prompted her to get serious about shedding pounds. According to her, while watching herself perform on TV, she failed to recognize the over 200-pound version of herself captured on screen.

“I paused and I was like, ‘Who the f–k is that?’ I swear to god, it sounds insane,” Clarkson recalled thinking. “I think [it’s] because your people are with you the whole time, so it’s gradual. You don’t even realize.”

Up until that jarring television experience, the singer maintained she had no issues with her weight and self-image. “I was never insecure about it. I was happy … I just did not see that.”

In a previous interview with People, Kelly Clarkson had cited “listening to her doctor” over the past couple years as key to her lifestyle overhaul and significant weight loss. She embraced a protein-rich diet and the ample walking opportunities of her new New York City environment.

Goldberg also shared her own personal experience achieving major weight loss through unspecified “shots,” which she told Clarkson have been “great for people like us who have issues.”

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