Timberline Lodge Set To Reopen Following Fire Incident


Days after a fire incident threatened the existence of Timberline Lodge, ski lifts are operational again, with plans for the hotel to welcome guests back on Sunday.

Saturday saw the ski area bustling with enthusiasts, seizing the opportunity to enjoy the clear skies and fresh slopes.

Among them was Dave Brown, accompanied by his friend Brian Otis, expressing relief that the lifts are running and gratitude that Thursday’s fire spared the historic lodge.

As normalcy resumes at the ski area and investigations into the fire persist, focus shifts to safeguarding the lodge’s cherished artwork.

Bruce Mitchell, a member of the Friends of Timberline board, an organization dedicated to preserving the lodge and its interior treasures, shared insights into their evacuation protocols activated during the fire. Concerns linger regarding potential damage to the artwork during evacuation procedures or from firefighting efforts.

“We’re anxiously waiting,” Mitchell said. “Yesterday our executive board met and we committed up to $100,000 towards restoring things, or whatever needs to be done.”

Prior to the incident, plans were underway to reinforce the lodge’s roof for fire resistance. Now, those funds are redirected toward repairing the fire’s aftermath. The aim is to complete all restoration work in time for the nonprofit’s upcoming 50th-anniversary celebration, ensuring visitors can continue to marvel at this iconic lodge’s allure.

“From the carvings in the lodge to huge timbers that hold it up, the huge fireplace in the center just the view,” Mitchell said. “The location is just so fantastic.”