Warren Buffett Reflects On Life’s End At Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Gathering


Warren Buffett addressed Berkshire Hathaway shareholders on Saturday, discussing the eventual transition of leadership in the conglomerate he built.

Reflecting on his age and the passing of his close friend and business partner, Charlie Munger, Buffett hinted at the succession plan, notably acknowledging Greg Abel as his potential successor. The absence of Munger, known for his wit and wisdom, was palpable at the meeting, where his contributions were celebrated in a video tribute.

Buffett, approaching 94, expressed both vitality and contemplation about his role, emphasizing Abel’s increasing authority in investment decisions while reassuring continuity in Berkshire’s culture. Munger’s pivotal role in Berkshire’s growth was lauded throughout the sessions, with Buffett reminiscing about their partnership and praising Munger’s integrity.

Despite the solemn tone, moments of levity arose, such as Buffett accidentally referring to Abel as Munger, eliciting laughter from attendees. Additionally, Buffett took the opportunity to acknowledge Carol Loomis, a longtime collaborator, and emphasized his commitment to continuing his leadership role for as long as possible.

In concluding the 2024 meeting, Buffett expressed his desire for both shareholders and himself to reconvene the following year, underscoring his ongoing dedication to Berkshire Hathaway.