Insightful Response From Klint Kubiak Regarding Saints’ Offensive Outlook


The New Orleans Saints encountered significant challenges in sustaining drives and converting them into touchdowns throughout the previous season. Instances of repetitive run-run-pass-punt sequences and frequent short field goal attempts were prevalent, highlighting the team’s offensive struggles. Thus, the remarks made by the new offensive coordinator, Klint Kubiak, offer a glimmer of hope for rectifying these issues.

During an interview with WWL Radio on Thursday evening, primarily intended to preview the 2024 draft, Kubiak inadvertently divulged more than anticipated in his first interaction with local media. When queried about his strategies for enhancing the Saints’ performance on third downs and within the red zone, Kubiak provided an insightful response.

“Speaking first to the red zone, it’s not one thing, it’s being able to run the ball down there,” Kubiak began, “That’s having an identity in running the ball and having success on base downs in the red zone so you’re not getting into 3rd-and-6 from the 6 or 3rd-and-10 from the 10. That’s something Coach (Kyle) Shanahan really harped on with those guys.”

This approach contrasts starkly with Pete Carmichael’s tactics, which centered on aiming for manageable situations on third downs (e.g., 3rd-and-4, 3rd-and-6). However, when runs failed to gain ground and passes fell incomplete, Carmichael’s strategy often proved ineffective, resulting in an overreliance on kicking specialists.

Kubiak’s vision emphasizes the avoidance of third downs altogether through increased success on early downs. He advocates for a run-heavy offense that sets up opportunities for Derek Carr to capitalize on play-action passes, reminiscent of the system implemented by his mentor, Shanahan. Nevertheless, even the most well-crafted game plan is susceptible to challenges.

Kubiak continued: “As far as third downs, you know, that’s a whole other set of deals. Its’ a team game and we had a lot of great players on offense. It all started with them. Having great protection up front. Good decision maker at quarterback, and weapons on the outside. It’s all about players and coaches having an organized plan for them.”

Consequently, the Saints must rely heavily on their personnel to excel in critical situations. Kubiak acknowledges the coaching staff’s responsibility in ensuring favorable outcomes, such as devising optimal route combinations for Chris Olave and creating advantageous matchups for Alvin Kamara. While Kubiak’s strategy appears promising, its execution remains paramount.