Video: Man Shoots & Kills Neighbour & Son Over Noise In Brooklyn Apartment

Video- Man Shoots & Kills Neighbour & Son Over Noise In Brooklyn Apartment

A man fatally shot and killed another man and his stepson during an argument that started over allegations of noise.

The shooting occurred in the presence of the family of the deceased in the hallway of the fourth floor of the Flatbush Gardens apartment building.

According to a CCTV footage, the deceased man, 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin, came out of his apartment to confront his killer, while holding what appeared to be a scissors.

The neighbor pulled out a gun and shot Mathurin after he turned to his wife, who appeared to be pulling him back.

He also shot the deceased stepson, 27-year-old Chin Wai Mode, and then walked up to his father to shoot him again, in a bid to ensure he was dead.

Video below:

According to the family of the deceased, the neighbor, who is on the run, has been falsely accusing them of noise.

“He killed my brother and my dad,” the victim’s daughter said. 

“This man hates us with every bone in his body,” Mathurin’s wife Marie Delille said, adding that ever since they moved in four years ago, things have not been cool with the neighbor who lives directly below them and complains that her children were being too loud. 

“I was in the kitchen, doing dishes in the sink, Delille said. I heard bang bang bang. I asked did anybody make noise? The kids be like, no mommy, nobody made noise. My husband banged back. The man came upstairs and kicked the door”.

“I need justice to be served,” Delille said, as concern about her safety and that of her family was been raised.