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Photo & Videos: Aliens Called ‘Pelacaras’ or ‘Face Peelers’ Allegedly Try To Abduct Girl In Peru, As UFO Sightings Increase In Chile

Photo & Videos: Aliens Called ‘Pelacaras’ or ‘Face Peelers' Allegedly Try To Abduct Girl In Peru, As UFO Sightings Increase In Chile

A 15-year-old girl in Peru was said to have luckily escaped being abducted by aliens whom the locals commonly know and refer to as ‘Pelacaras’ or ‘Face Peelers’. A video recorded after the alien attack has gone viral.

A photo of the “Pelacaras” or “Face Peelers” alien which was described as standing at about 7-foot tall was also allegedly captured by a man while it was on his lawn

According to local reports, incidents of alien sightings and kidnapping have been on the rise in Peru, prompting villagers to organize themselves and start conducting night patrols to keep their community safe.

It was also gathered that heightened UFO sightings and alien abductions started this year, July, but a local live news airing in Peru had covered a spectacular alien/UFO sighting on February 3, 2020.

There are claims of children being attacked with laser weapons, and ‘warnings not to go to Peru from government officials, due to alien activity in the area.

In another video, a massive UFO/alien ship was captured by a motorist in Chile.

News of alien activity and abduction has not made headlines in the mainstream media.

Recently, the Mexican government showcased two deceased aliens in an event to bring more exposure to aliens on Earth.

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