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Finding Sober-Minded Women on the Internet

Finding Sober-Minded Women on the Internet

Daters left bars and joined the online dating frenzy for several reasons. Perhaps the most important of these reasons is safety. When men and women left bars, they were mostly tired of harassment, abuse, and wasting time. This included meeting women who were slightly off balance in terms of sobriety.

Keep in mind sobriety refers not to drugs or alcohol. We are discussing sobriety and level-headedness. It requires someone to be sane, and make logical and rational decisions. Unfortunately, men and women joined online dating and found something worse.

What’s Online Dating?

Aside from finding love on Instagram and Facebook, many have registered on dating sites. These sites provide everyone the opportunity to find a crush, secure a date, and possibly long-term commitment. Some folks find level-headed companionship in an Asian bride’s agency while some navigate the web and find nothing. It is important to follow a few guided steps to facilitate connections with well-balanced women. Here are a few suggestions on the same.

1. Dating Apps and Sites

Avoid social media platforms when seeking a date or hoping to make new friends. Social media is great for businesses and friends who may never set foot in your house. The idea is to keep people at arm’s length, or further, to avoid mayhem. When people meet on Facebook or other platforms, they may never truly know who they are dealing with. This has been true for years to date.

Other classifieds included newspaper ads Craigslist pages and backpages. Many were hurt physically and emotionally because of a lack of due diligence. The ads used never included research or info on credibility and such. It meant that folks were dating potential abusers and scammers and didn’t know it. Using dating apps removes the elements of surprise. It means you have a clear indication of who you are dealing with.

Newer dating apps offer screened dating profiles. These have been subjected to investigation, including at times, identity verification. This becomes the best option for those seeking to find level-headed, well-balanced women. You are less likely to run into crazies on such websites.

Additionally, there are blocking and reporting options available to users. These help you sift through decent sober-minded women and those likely to waste your time. The blocking option prevents them from making further contact. Taking matters a step further requires reporting them. This leaves the rest of the blocking or account suspension to administrators.

2. Mutual pals

To keep things civil and friendly, stick to finding mutual friends when seeking honest people. If you plan to use social media e.g. Facebook or Instagram, reaching out to friends of friends works better. It helps you find someone a friend can vouch for. This is especially true if you plan to invite them for an intimate date at some point. Female profiles are just as shady as males. These come off as friendly yet they can be connected to scammers too.

Because the internet is full of scammers, some sites should never be used for dating purposes. Those interested in finding genuine women should perform due diligence. Always learn from friends and researchers regarding the authenticity of online dating apps. This research and feedback should offer insight into better internet dating options, and those to avoid completely.

Bottom Line

The internet could be the best thing to be initiated in the last century or so. With that being said, this internet requires due diligence in everything personal, especially relationships. Some may say that women seeking relationships online are desperate, and the likelihood of finding crazies is higher. However, most women are working and independent, meaning they are too busy to go barhopping. There are millions of well-balanced women online waiting for well-balanced men to fulfill their desires. 

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