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Video: Child Sex Trafficked Victim, Ally Carter, Says Obama, Biden, Raped her. Underground Tunnels In Buckingham Palace, Top Spots In The US

Child Sex Trafficked Victim, Ally Carter, Says Obama, Biden, Raped her. Underground Tunnels In Buckingham Palace, Top Spots In The US

A woman named Ally Carter has come out to accuse President Joe Biden and former President Barrack Obama of raping her when she was sex-trafficked as a child.

She revealed that she was trafficked via under many ground tunnels and that many “everyday” people seen out there as normal people are involved in child trafficking, and black market for human organ trade.

She revealed that numerous underground tunnels exists beneath schools, cemetaries, amusement parks, universal studios, Hollywood elite homes, etc, highlighting the increasing number of missing chidren and amber alerts and the fact that many of them don’t get found.

Ally Carter also alleged that she was sexually abused by Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and Steven Tyler. She also mentioned Akon as being part of the child-sex-trafficking ring.

She also held that she had been sex-trafficked to many elite places including the Buckingham palace in UK, Getty museum in Los Angeles, while under the custody of child protective/welfare service, strip clubs, hollywood parties, etc, and that the schools were aware and actively involved.

“From four years old, there was never a time of peace in my life”, she said.

There are millions people just like me, and are worst off, she said, adding that many have died while many more had their limbs cut off so they could stop fighting while being raped.

She also said that many like her had their blood drained, in what is known to be adrenochrome, as well as other fetish.

She held that foster homes and adoption centers were part of the evil and enhanced the trade, and that the Child Proctective Service (CPS) was actively involved in the buying and selling of children and the law enforcement did not do anything despite the numerous complaints from herself and her foster mother.

She recalled when she ran away from the CPS and hid for a year because she was to be trafficked to Russia.

She said she had many evidence, including on video, but does not trust anybody, and that she had been facing constant harrassement and threats both from the police and unknown.

Carter said that MK Ultra and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) are real and that MKUltra is currently happening to many celebrities including Britney Spears. She referred to it as someone else having a remote control tlo another person’s life.

According to Wikipedia, MKUltra (or MK-Ultra) was an illegal human experimentation program designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and intended to develop procedures and identify drugs that could be used during interrogations to weaken people and force confessions through brainwashing and psychological torture.

Carter continued that babies and little children are used as suitcases accross borders. They have their bodies sliced open, stuffed up and stitched back before they are dressed up and carried as if they were alive.

She said organs from children were sold off in the black market after they are used as sex slaves, adding that was the reason why some human organs and parts are very costly in some places but much more cheaper in some other places, like Mexico.

Watch Ally Carter’s full interview below:

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