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Starting Your Corporate Life? Seven Networking Tips To Use Right Away!

Have you completed your degree? What’s next? Finding a job, right? But finding a dream job is not always about degrees or experiences. Sometimes, who you know also matters. And that’s where networking comes in. Networking allows you to meet new people who are industry leaders or have similar interests. Networking undoubtedly lets you meet professionals and further your career. It also helps you build personal relationships. Also, networking ensures you are at the forefront of every opportunity. Therefore, networking is essential to starting your career. It is best to start networking when pursuing a degree; it is never too late. You can start now, and here are a few tips to help you network well.

 Be clever with your name tag.

Several beginners worry about attending a networking event. The reason? They are not sure what to do or how to not be awkward. One tip to ensure you don’t feel awkward is filling out the name tag correctly. Everyone gets a name tag, and you should sneak a peek around before filling yours. It is necessary because you may fill out your entire resume or just your name, while the others do the opposite. That’s why knowing what everyone else is doing will work for you, too. One tip: Add a snappy conversation starter, like a writing guru.

Search for people who will make a difference in your career.

Networking is not always about meeting tons of people. It is also about quality. If you network with hundreds of people, but they don’t provide you with an opportunity or help you grow, it is a failure. Instead of going for quantity, network with people who can provide opportunities. People who can make a difference in your career are worth networking with. You can seek guidance from college professors or other mentors in this direction.

Have a plan of action.

Another tip for networking well is to have a plan of action. Without one, you cannot achieve your goal of meeting like-minded people. For this, create two lists. One list will include all the people you know and have met with. These can be people you met at an event, professors, mentors, or college mates. These people know you, but you want to strengthen your relationship with them. The second list consists of people you will now meet and want to network with. Having these two lists allows you to prepare. Both types of people need different approaches. When meeting someone for the first time, having a proper introduction and an icebreaker is necessary. For the former, you have to focus on building even stronger relationships.

Have a business card.

Even freshmen need business cards. When you get business cards from a potential employer or meet an investor, if you are thinking of starting a business, you should provide them with your business card, too. It is only polite to do so.

Use body language to make a connection.

Who said you could network only with your words? Your body language also helps you network and build strong relationships. Ideal body language for networking is essential. For instance, you should tilt your head sideways when talking with a prospect. It is the universal sign of showing you are listening to the person. That shows you are interested, which excites people to talk to you.

Make deep conversations

Networking is about having deep personal and professional conversations. So, give up on small talk and head towards having deep conversations. For instance, do not ask What do you do for a living? Ask them, ‘What part of their job do they find the most interesting’? Truly, people are there for the deep conversations, as they allow them to understand others better.

Offer something valuable

Networking doesn’t mean talking to people who can offer you opportunities or more. It is also about what value you can provide to those people. To network well, you should be willing to offer something valuable to the people you meet. It is a balanced relationship. When you follow up, it helps open a communication channel.

Networking is essential for starting a career, enhancing it, and building lifelong relationships. So, attend events, seminars, and more. Ensure you dress well and comfortably to leave a positive, lasting impression. Moreover, follow up after you meet a prospective client, investor, or employee. Get business cards, share them with others, and follow up to continue building the relationship.

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