New York Fuzz Pop Oldie Madder Rose Announces New Show After 24 Years

New York Fuzz-Pop Oldie Madder Rose has announced their new show, after 24 years away from any tour. 

The Gen-Z would probably not hear anything about them or even know what they were like. 

Madder Rose came from New York and made an awesomely shimmery form of fuzz-pop. They were never really popular like Whitney Huston and Diana Ross, but they made really good music. 

Madder Rose has actually been quietly back for a while; they just haven’t been playing live shows.

The band, consisting of three men and one woman broke up in 1999 after releasing four albums. 

Madder Rose got back together to release the 2019 album To Be Beautiful, and they followed it with another one called No One Gets Hurt Ever last month.

Now, Madder Rose is jumping on the Dromedary anniversary show lineup as last-minute replacements, after veteran Connecticut band Monsterland had to cancel. 

The weekend show would be full of Oldies, mostly for Millenials to enjoy. It would include a ton of other ’90s indie rock bands, including Lotion, Antietam, Sleepyhead, Das Damen, and Feelies side projects Yung Wu and Speed The Plough.