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Why Sweepstakes Are Taking The iGaming Industry By Storm

With casinos, gambling, and betting rising in popularity around the world, the demand for high-quality gaming experiences is increasing. Of course, it is a luxury for most to be able to travel, sometimes internationally, to play in a brick-and-mortar casino for these kinds of experiences. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary to have a bit of fun. Online gambling is getting better and more accessible every year and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

With most people able to access online casinos quickly and easily via their smartphones, you can play from wherever and whenever suits you. Essentially, it is now possible for players to get the same games and experiences online that are found in real casinos without having to travel and deal with bigger expenses. As the popularity of online gambling is rising, so are its alternatives. Sweepstakes and sweepstake casinos are taking over the iGaming industry too, alongside their more traditional casino counterparts. 

What is a sweepstake?

Sweepstakes in their purest form are not technically gambling. Sweepstakes do not require players to use real money to play games. Instead, sweepstakes casinos such as Fortune Coins,  offer the chance to earn or buy tokens or coins that are then used to play a wide variety of casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and slots. Essentially, a sweepstake casino gives players the same experience of gambling, minus the risk of losing real money. With the sweepstake model, there is often still the opportunity for players to win actual prizes and rewards. Some casinos are purely for fun, some offer cash prizes, tokens, and coins or bonus money.

Why are they so popular?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to play at a sweepstake casino instead of traditional gambling. One of the main reasons for the increase in popularity of sweepstakes within the online gaming industry is due to the fact that casino gambling is still widely unavailable across much of the United States. 

The laws around gambling vary dramatically from state to state, which makes it difficult to access certain forms of online and physical gaming. In some states, brick-and-mortar casinos are permitted but their online counterparts are not, so many people cannot access online casinos from their state. Sweepstake casinos fill this gap in the market, offering an alternative that provides a similar experience while complying with state laws. 

Secondly, sweepstake casinos offer rewards that are often very generous and attainable. Casinos will usually offer very attractive welcome bonuses to new players to begin with, giving out free tokens or coins that can be used right away on a wide selection of classic games, such as slots, poker, and roulette. 

There are also a wide selection of promo offers and codes available to help you on your way to winning prizes once you have signed up. Some sweepstake casinos even offer VIP programs to rival their cash-based counterparts. VIP programs in a sweepstake setting may give players access to different types of bonuses and prizes or to more exclusive tournaments and different games. 

Another reason why sweepstakes are growing in popularity is because no money needs to be at stake. There are several groups who can benefit from this aspect of playing sweepstakes over regular casino games. The most obvious is people who might be new to the world of casinos and gambling. It can be intimidating for those who want to simply play a game, including those people who want a taste of the thrilling experience that comes with gambling and casinos but are worried about losses. 

When you are first starting out, it can be more appealing to play using tokens before you jump in with your own budget and start placing real wagers. Sweepstake games also offer newcomers the chance to learn to play different games without the risk of losing money. 

In addition to new players, there are those who have experience but want to hone their gaming skills or exercise their intuition without the risk of losing money while practicing for their next big game. This enables more serious players to practice their skills and have fun while maintaining their bankroll for when it really counts. This has two main benefits, you can have more to play with when you go into a real game and you can play more, giving you a higher chance of winning when it counts. In addition, much like the newcomers, if you are primarily a roulette player who wants to start dabbling in poker then you can get to know the game without having to waste your money.


There are certainly a few good reasons why sweepstakes are taking the iGaming industry by storm. The popularity of online casino games in general is the main reason. Of course, there are practical aspects to this too, such as the fact that gambling laws vary dramatically from place to place and that the cost of traveling to a brick and mortar casino can be out of reach for a lot of players. 

As we have covered, sweepstake casinos can offer players things that traditional casinos cannot. They are an easier place for newcomers to learn and for seasoned pros to practice their skills without risk. Another reason for their widespread popularity is that they still offer rewards and bonuses despite the absence of real betting. Welcome bonuses, free tokens, and sometimes even cash prices, if you are lucky, are very good deals to be had. This explains the widespread popularity of the humble sweepstake for both newcomers and seasoned casino players. 

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