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Video: Shark Attacks & Kills Russian Man In Egypt Beach

Video- Shark Attacks & Kills Russian Man In Egypt Beach

A Russian man was attacked and killed by a shark while he was swimming in Hurghada beach on the Red Sea coast, in Egypt.

Several boats in the vicinity, unable to intervene and save the man’s life, recorded the distressing scene.

In the video, the man can be seen swimming close to the shoreline of Dream Beach Sheraton when the shark started attacking him.

The man who was a tourist, has been identified as 23-year-old ‘V. Popov’. He was said to be vacating with his father and girlfriend.

The killer shark was which was identified as a Tiger shark was later captured and killed.

Hotel staff began frantically shouting at swimmers to exit the water as Popov can be seen struggling with the shark.

According to reports from Russian media, Popov’s father witnessed the attack from the beach, and Popov desperately called out for him as he tried to escape the shark’s grasp.

Shortly after, the creature dragged Popov underwater entirely. Rescuers made efforts to save him, but by the time they arrived, it was too late as he has already been killed by the Shark

Following the gruesome incident, tourists visiting the resort were reportedly prohibited from entering the water, and witnesses were left in a state of shock.

Shark attacks are uncommon along the coastal regions of the Red Sea. However, in 2022, two fatal incidents occurred within a few days in Hurghada, resulting in the deaths of an Austrian and a Romanian tourist.

Egypt’s Red Sea resorts, including Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, are known for their beatiful beaches and are which attracts European tourists. Divers are drawn to the area due to the presence of coral reefs with steep drop-offs, which offer vibrant and diverse marine life.

Tiger sharks, known for their large size, are typically found in tropical and temperate waters. They are frequently mentioned by the International Shark Attack File in relation to unprovoked attacks on humans.

Late last month, an 18-year-old Louisiana baseball player, Cameron Robbins, was said to have been attacked and probably killed by sharks after he jumped overboard a cruise ship during an excursion. His body has not yet been found.

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