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Americans Celebrate Hump Day With Sexual Contents On Twitter

Photo Credit: Mr. Bean

Americans are celebrating hump day – a Wednesday set aside as the middle of the work week, with sex videos and photos on Twitter.

It was originally created as the “phew” point of the work week. It stands as a form of encouragement for workers to get on with the remaining work days in the week, and look up to the bright side of the weekend.

Hump Day came into the limelight, thanks to an advertisement from GEICO insurance company. In the ad, a camel named Caleb would routinely go to every worker’s cubicle on Wednesday and ask them if they know what day it is. The workers in the office would retort by rolling their eyes, implying that the animal does this every time.

Then one of the workers answered saying it is “hump day”, to the delight of the camel, after which two men would say that using GEICO as your insurance company would make you happier than a camel on a Wednesday.

The commercial was released in 2013 and became the seventh most-viewed ad on Youtube.

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