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Photo: Woman brutally raped and beaten by homeless man who was just released from prison while walking her dogs

Photo: Woman brutally raped and beaten by homeless man who was just released from prison while walking her dogs
Woman raped and beaten by homeless man

Marissa, a California woman was walking her dogs in the field when a homeless man brutally raped her and beat her, disfiguring her face.

Marissa Young, 44, of Torrance, was brutally assaulted on July 31 by Darrel Waters, 46, police say. He had just finished doing time.

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During the ordeal, Waters attacked her from behind like a coward and kept punching her face as he sexually assaulted her on the field.

Speaking about the incident, Young said she did not hear anything.

‘I heard nothing. I didn’t have headphones in, I wasn’t looking at my phone, I was just walking straight forward to my destination.’ 

Young had a long list of casualties, as he destroyed her nose in four spots, broke her cheekbone, knocking out eight teeth while carrying out the dreadful sexual assault.

Darrel Waters had just finished serving a sentence on knife charges and he was on the streets when he got out.

Her injuries caused doctors to have to wire her jaw shut and she will need eight dental implants which would cause $24000.

The woman’s friend, Debbie Keyser created a GoFundMe account. Speaking on the incident, she said:

‘For those that know her, you know how much she likes to laugh…being able to do so without being self-conscious about her teeth will be a huge step forward.’

‘It will take time, but having her beautiful smile back will make a huge difference in restoring her sense of self.’

Police managed to track Waters down on August 1 and he is currently being held without bail and has been charged with three felonies

‘It makes me angry,’ Young told KTLA. ‘It’s horrifying to think that they were holding this guy with a huge knife that was taken off him that’s illegal and he was let go the next day even though he has a record.

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