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Photos: In England, Monkeypox Virus Cases Have Been Confirmed

monkeypox cases confirmed in england

In the same house, the cases live together. They are unrelated to the earlier verified case from May 7. It is yet unknown where in England and how they contracted the virus, Monkeypox.

Monkeypox is an uncommon viral virus that is difficult to spread among people. Most patients recover within a few weeks from this moderate self-limiting sickness. Severe illness, on the other hand, can strike some people.

The virus can be transferred by close contact with an infected person, although the risk of transmission to the general public is extremely low.

One of the patients is being treated at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust’s St Mary’s Hospital’s specialized infectious disease section in London.

The other instance is isolating and does not require hospitalization at this time.

UKHSA experts are working closely with individuals and NHS colleagues as a precautionary measure, and will be contacting those who may have been in close contact to provide information and health advice.

People without symptoms are not considered infectious, but people who have been in close proximity to the patients are being notified as a precaution so that they can be treated immediately if they become ill.

UKHSA Director of Clinical and Emerging Infections, Dr Colin Brown, said:

We have confirmed 2 new monkeypox cases in England that are not linked to the case announced on May 7. While investigations remain ongoing to determine the source of infection, it is important to emphasise it does not spread easily between people and requires close personal contact with an infected symptomatic person. The overall risk to the general public remains very low.

We are contacting any potential close contacts of the case. We are also working with the NHS to reach any healthcare contacts who have had close contact with the cases prior to confirmation of their infection, to assess them as necessary and provide advice.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust’s medical director, Professor Julian Redhead, said:

We are caring for a patient in our specialist high consequence infectious diseases unit at St Mary’s Hospital. All of the necessary infectious control procedures have been followed and we are working closely with UKHSA and NHS England.

Fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills, and tiredness are among the first signs of monkeypox.

A rash might appear, usually starting on the face and spreading to other areas of the body, especially the hands and feet.

The rash varies and progresses through many stages before developing a scab that eventually peels off.

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