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Biography of Jérôme Jarre, Facts, Real Name, Age, Net-worth, Awards, Family, Relationships

Jerome Jarre - Bio, Age, Net Worth, Single, Nationality, Career, Wiki

Jérôme Jarre is a French entrepreneur, creator, and humanitarian. He is best known for being a Vine and Snapchat celebrity. As of June 2014, he was the fourth most followed individual on Vine.

He was born in Albertville, France, and was raised by his single mother, Agnes Jarre. At 19, he dropped out of Kedge Business School after moving to China.

He stayed in China for one year and learned to speak English and Chinese, and created different startups.

In March 2017, he started a campaign for Turkish Airlines to deliver aid to Somalia, which garnered the attention of Ben Stiller, Nas Daily, Sarah Silverman, Casey Neistat, Colin Kaepernick, and Juanpa Zurita, and other celebrities and influencers.

As of September 2017, he helped to raise nearly $4,000,000 to aid people in Somalia suffering from a recent drought.

He has posted many videos on Twitter advocating for the Somali people and country.

Full Name: Jérôme Jarre

Date of Birth: June 12, 1990

Place of Birth: Albertville, France

Age: 31

Height: 1.91 m

Weight: 79 kg

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: French

Occupation: Creator, entrepreneur, humanitarian, philanthropist

Net-worth: $3 million

Organization: Love Army

In China, Jarre started several businesses, one of which became successful and he used the money to move to Toronto and co-founded a software company, Atendy, with Christopher Carmichael.

While he was in Toronto, he heard about Vine’s launch and made an account on the platform. He then moved back to Paris, France, and started making Vines while he was still managing his business and later left his business to completely focus on Vine.

Jarre partnered with the American Refugee Committee (ARC) to develop a new humanitarian model. On September 20, Love Army was invited to present their humanitarian work at the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation event GOALKEEPERS during the 2017 United Nations General Assembly. Other presenters included Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, and Malala Yousafzai. Jerome Jarre, Casey Neistat[11][circular reference], and Juanpa Zurita

Jarre posted his first Vine in January 2013 the day Vine launched. Three months after the launch of Vine, he released a video titled Don’t be afraid of love, which became one of the earliest viral videos on Vine and was featured twice on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Six months after starting his Vine account, he had 20,000 followers. Most of his vines feature him playing pranks on strangers. According to Jarre, after being featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, his account grew from 20,000 followers to 1 million followers in a month.

Subsequently, Ellen asked him to cover the Red Carpet ceremony of the 86th Academy Awards, where he made multiple vines with Hollywood actors. Later he was hired by Canal+ to cover 2014 Cannes Film Festival.[At the Tribeca Film Festival 2014, he was one of the jurors of the 6 second films competition.

Jarre started a project on Vine called Humans. In this project, he asks strangers the question “what is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?”

The videos of this project have been posted under a separate Vine account, Humans. BuzzFeed’s Arielle Calderon wrote of Jarre’s series that “this Vine project will restore your faith in humanity.”

Jarre has made many vines with several of Hollywood’s artists including Robert De Niro, Pharrell Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller, Ansel Elgort, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Kristen Bell.

After gaining 7 million followers on Vine, Jarre made an account on Snapchat and started using the platform where he makes two-minute narratives for telling stories.

On one occasion he shared the story on Snapchat and received twenty-six million views.

Jarre started the #UglySelfieChallenge, inviting people to stop trying to take perfect selfies, and post selfies making silly faces; everyone had to nominate three more people to do the same. More than 100,000 ugly faces photos were published.

GrapeStory is a talent agency founded by Jarre and Gary Vaynerchuk in May 2013. The agency connects mobile content artists with brands looking for marketing content. After gaining a significant following on Vine, Jarre decided to launch a talent agency for Vine, Instagram and Snapchat stars. Jarre was looking for a business partner when he learnt that Vaynerchuk was going to be in Toronto.


Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year

Webby Award

Social Media:

Facebook: Jérôme Jarre

Instagram: Jérôme Jarre

Twitter: Jérôme Jarre

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