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Which Gender Gambles More On Canadian Live Casinos?

Gambling is a thrill-seeking adventure for everyone. In Canada specifically, statistics show that more Canadian men are participating in gambling activities compared to their female counterparts. While the statistics we have found are related to gambling as a whole, including live casino Canada and sports betting, we will be going on more of a live casino angle to evaluate the gambling activities of both genders. 

Men Are More Likely To Gamble Than Women In Canada

About 63% of Canadian men and 57% of Canadian women say that they devote some of their disposable income on gambling on a monthly basis. These gambling statistics are related to gambling whether on online casinos or on the sportsbooks. To be even more specific, about 56% of Canadian men and 43% of Canadian women have admitted to gambling online.  

The same study that showed these statistics also revealed that women may spend usually upwards of $20 each month when gambling, but men are more likely to spend closer to $100 every month in the same engagement. It seems that from these statistics, Canadian women are seemingly more frugal with their spending money for gambling in comparison to their male counterparts.

Evaluating Gender Stereotypes in the Gambling Space

There are differing stereotypes surrounding each gender when it comes to gambling. Understanding such stigmas will help to uncover when more Canadian men gamble than Canadian women. 

Males are seen more as risk-takers compared to women who are more so social gamblers. Men like to take on more of a competitive approach in their adventurous journey of live casino gameplay. Even though these are games of chance, some men believe they do not come out on top unless they win a round of their favorite casino game. This is in contrast to usual female behavior whereas they’d rather socialize with friends, family, and acquaintances while playing slots or bingo and aren’t as focused on the fact of possibly losing or even winning any money during the experience. 

Income Statistics Related To Canadian Gambling

About 38% of Canadians who make $55,000 or more per year state that they engage in gambling activities on a regular basis. Compare that to the 39% of Canadians that regularly gamble who make higher than $25,000 annually, but their income does not go over $55,000. Canadian households that make $25,000 or less per year are less likely to play online casino games than people in other income demographics.

What Live Casino Games Do Canadians Love?

Canadians love many live casino games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Males are more likely to engage in one of these live casino games that require a bit more strategy to play them while females would prefer the social aspect of connecting with people online while playing a casino game, but they may engage in more games of chance without strategy like slots and bingo. This is so they can spend more time interacting with the people around them and less time strategizing on the next move of the game like live casino games require. 

Slots is the most popular casino game in all of Canada. This game can be turned into a live casino experience with a chat room involving all online participants that’s connected to the virtual slot machine in real-time. 

Anyone Can Love Any Casino Game

Despite what statistics state, some women may love the strategic gameplay of tougher casino games including blackjack and baccarat rather than the simplicity of pulling the level of slot machine. Chime in on the comments below to tell us your favorite casino games!

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