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Video: Cybertruck Unexpectedly Accelerates With Rear Wheels Locked On Brakes, Crashes Into Home

Photos & Video: Cybertruck Unexpectedly Accelerates With Rear Wheels Locked On Brakes, Crashes Into Home

A Cybertruck suddenly accelerated with the brakes on and the rear wheels locked. The electric vehicle sped uphill and would not stop until it crashed into a home.

According to reports accompanying the video, the driver had just bought the Cybertruck and had driven it for less than 4 hours before the crash happened.

He claimed he had pressed on the brakes petal but the Cybertruck did not stop, raising safety concerns over unresponsive controls in the massive Tesla vehicle that weighs over 6,600 pounds.

Watch the video below:

A 50-foot stretch of rubber on the road was enough evidence that the driver had firmly applied the brakes to stop the car, even as online viewers say they don’t see the brake lights come on.

The driver also claimed that the accelerator and the steering wheel were unresponsive. Experts claim pressing the brake pedals should automatically disengage the accelerator.

Responding to the crash, a Tesla rep said that the terrain might have prevented the accelerator from disengaging when the brakes were pressed.

Fortunately, nobody, including the driver was harmed. The damaged Cybertruck was pictured with a deformed front fender, a cracked windshield, and extensive damage to the bumper and hood.

The driver said the cost for repairs was $30,000 and there was a 1 year waiting period for replacement parts.

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