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Picture Of Woman Looking Like Marge Simpson Cartoon Found In Ancient Egyptian Mummy coffin (Sarcophagus).

Picture of woman looking like Marge Simpson cartoon found in ancient Egyptian Mummy coffin (Sarcophagus).

A 3,500-year-old Egyptian sarcophagus, which is a stone coffin with drawings of sculpture or inscription, having the image of a woman that closely resembles Marge Simpson, was recently discovered.

‘The Simpsons’ carton is known for predicting many future famous events and famous human characters such as Jay Z, and Donald Trump. However, both archeologists and TV fans are astonished that the ancient Egyptian sarcophagus might have predicted the coming of the show which ran on TV for 35 years.

The Egyptian Marge Simpson sarcophagus was found in an Egyptian cemetery. A yellow-colored woman dressed in green, wearing a blue crown that looks like Marge Simpson’s famous tall blue hair, was drawn on the lid.

A Reddit post said the tomb dates back to the “New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty at around 1186-1069 B.C. and features the goddess Nut.

“That’s the goddess Nut. I’ve seen the other pieces belonging to this grave, I think the parents (the deceased was a 16-year-old girl) may just not have had a lot of money so they did the best they could afford,” added a history enthusiast.

“Her shroud is a lot better looking, still in the same wonky style, but so much more attention and love has been put into it. It kinda hits me in the heart every time I see it.”

The discovery led many to believe that “The Simpsons” must have the ability to travel both backward and forward through time given the latest discovery and their ability to predict the future.

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