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Nigerian Nelson Emeka Invents Electricity Generator That Runs On Water – Videos & Pictures

Nigerian Nelson Emeka Invents Electricity Generator That Runs On Water - Videos & Pictures

A Nigerian man, named Emeka Nelson created an electricity generator that is powered by water and also invented a machine called “MGBANWE C12” that turns non-biodegradable wastes like plastics, waterproof nylon, etc into petrol, kerosene, diesel, and some other heavy oils and interlocking stones for road construction.

The 22-year-old from Imilike-Agu village in Udenu Local Government Area (LGA) of Enugu State, said he invented the water-powered generator because of the very poor electricity supply in he faced, growing up in his community.

Speaking on his invention, Emeka Nelson said he aims to improve on the water generator which produces 610 watts, and build a higher-capacity one. Nelson had no university education and was able to build the hydroelectric generator from scratch with discarded scrap materials.

Video below:

He attended the National Metallurgical Training Institute, Onitsha, Anambra State,, where he graduated with a National Diploma (ND) in Instrumentation and Control System Engineering.

Referring to his water-powered electric generator which he named Akpaike, which means power bag in Igbo language, Nelson said the portable electricity generator does not have any form of combustion engine and is powered by internally moving water.

“The water creates a mechanical energy that powers the machine and this produces electricity. The power rating is 610Watts, 220Volts, 50Hz. This is the first prototype design and I am currently working on a larger capacity design,” he said.

In an interview with Daily Sun, Nelson expressed his willingness to work with the Nigerian Government, to solve the lingering power issues in the country.

“It is the paucity of electricity supply in Nigeria that made me to invent this hydroelectric generator some years ago. It is good that we solve this problem before it goes out of hand”, he said.

Nelson also developed a machine that converts non-biodegradable wastes or solid hydrocarbon-related material wastes like plastic, nylon, waterproof, etc into oil (gasoline) and paraffin which can be further processed into petrol, kerosene, diesel, and some other heavy oils. He calls them “The Mgbanwe C12 and Mgbanwe C13.

“Each machine does all these without any form of chemical additives. The residual slugs or liquid waste generated after the whole process is converted into good-quality interlocking stones, pavement blocks, roofing sheets and other construction materials.

“Mgbanwe C12 is the first ever prototype design and it has the capacity of producing one to three litres of gasoline from about one kilogram of waste at a go and can produce more with continuous feeds. The C13 is a larger, more improved design of the C12 and it has the capacity of producing at least 400 litres of gasoline at a single feed” he said.

Nelson is the co-founder and Chief Engineer of Generelectric Nigeria Limited. Hiw inventions too have have not gone un-noticed as seen by his many awards like the Scientist and Technologist of the Year Award, JET 2011; Best Invention of the Year and overall winner NTA/ETV Science /Technology Expo 2015; Best Inventive Innovation of the Year Award 2016 (Nigerian Innovation Exchange); Best Inventor and Innovator Award 2017 (OlaL Ndibo 2017); and joint winner, Anambra Talent Show 2018 (Technovative Category).”

Nelson Emeka says he has patented his inventions and will sell to the highest bidder. “I have patented the invention to my company and I am equally ready to sell it to a reasonable bidder provided it will solve the problems for which they were meant to solve”.

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