Black American FedEx Driver Says There’re Places (Sundown) She Can’t Deliver To Because Of Her Colour


An American FedEx driver revealed that there are sundown towns that she cannot deliver to because she is black and the white people there treat them badly.

The female FedEx dispatcher made the shocking revelation in a video shared online.

She stated that she had been working with FedEx for six years and recalled when she was first told by her supervisor in Springfield, Illinois, that there were places she could not go to.

She continued that though she did not really think much of it then in 2018, she is shocked that such still exists in 2024.

She said she could not deliver in those towns because of her black skin color and how the white people living in those towns act and have treated black drivers in the past. Hence, only White drivers are allowed to go in and deliver there.

Watch the video below:

While her assertions went viral and many called for FedEx to take action and stop delivery totally to those places, many also think it was made for clout because she did not name any of those towns.

“I haven’t even clicked play and I will guess not a single town was mentioned”, George said. “People manufacture racism for attention all the time, look at Jussie Smollett If this actually happened and she wanted the world to understand, she should tell us exactly which towns Clearly this bothered her enough to make a viral video about it, so it shouldn’t be a problem to tell us the names of the town”.

“I don’t believe she or the OP is at all trustworthy with this story. All it is, is racial propaganda to push the racism card”, another said.

“Name the towns then???? I’ll wait. I live in Oklahoma and I want specific examples?” Marcus commented.