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Video Of Crashed “Alien” Spaceship/ Flying Saucer In Mars Discovered NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter. True or AI Fake

Video Of Crashed "Alien" Spaceship/ Flying Saucer In Mars Discovered NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter. True or AI Fake

Here are the resurfaced video and photo from an alien spacecraft that resembles a flying saucer that crashed on Mars as seen by NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter.

The footage showed wreckage of what was described as otherworldly spacecraft and seeming components from a parachute on the surface of Mars.

Watch below:

On a further check to see if the clip and pictures were real, NASA confirmed it was, however, the space agency said the wreckage was not from aliens.

According to NASA, the wreckage was a component called a backshell that detached during the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars in February 2021.

The discovery was made by NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter revealing the backshell, or the top half of the landing capsule that protected Perseverance and Ingenuity as they plunged through the Martian atmosphere, as well as the 70-foot-wide parachute that slowed the vehicles’ landing.

NASA revealed that the backshell which measures about 15 feet in diameter, shattered partially after it crashed on Mars ground at about 78 miles per hour, after they detached from the rover at an altitude of 1.3 miles.

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