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Video: 2 Airplane Passengers Fight Over Air Conditioning Setting


Wild footage captured the moment two Evergreen Eva Air passengers began brawling over the air conditioning placements on their seats before their flight even took off.

In a video shared on social media by shocked onlookers, the two unidentified men started scuffling over their overhead air conditioning unit shortly after taking their seats.

At the start of the clip, reportedly filmed on an Eva Air flight, an older man reached across an empty seat to adjust the air conditioning above another passenger wearing a neck pillow.

When the other man reached up, the older passenger slapped his hand away, triggering a frenzy that ended with the older man being thrown to the floor.

Watch the video below:

Eva Air did not immediately respond to a request for comment from DailyMail.com, and it remains unclear what happened to the two men following their altercation.

Stunned passengers pleaded for the two men to calm down as the squabble escalated, especially after the older man warned the other, “Don’t f*** with it.”

At that moment, the man with the neck pillow reached up to adjust the air conditioning again, sparking an aggressive reaction as his neighbor slapped his hand, again warning him, “Don’t touch it, I said!”

The younger man began laughing to himself before throwing a punch at the older man’s head.

With the runway visible behind them, showing the plane had yet to take off, both men unbuckled their seatbelts as they prepared for a full-blown fight.

As other passengers urged them to “stop it,” the younger man appeared to call over a flight attendant and sat back down.

In a flash, the older man attempted to throw another punch but missed, before the younger passenger stood up and firmly threw him to the floor, telling him to “chill, b****.”

A woman filming the altercation called out, “You’re both about to get thrown off the plane, just chill out.”

Both men then seemed to try explaining the reason for the fight to a flight attendant, but it remains unclear if they were escorted off the plane.

This incident, reportedly on Eva Air, comes just a week after another chaotic brawl erupted on one of the airline’s flights.

Three hours into a journey from Taiwan to California, a passenger was accused of stealing another’s seat, allegedly because their neighbor was coughing too much, according to Whats’sTheJam.

The original occupant reacted with fury upon seeing his seat taken and threw a vicious punch at the seat stealer.

Three flight attendants sprang into action to stop the brawl from escalating, with one holding the man back while another pushed him to the back of the plane.

One of the flight attendants was elbowed in the head before the man who stole the seat launched himself at the other passenger and began swinging wildly.

Passengers stepped in to help the cabin crew, and the two men were kept apart for the remainder of the flight until they were handed over to San Francisco police upon arrival.

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