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April’s Rosy Moon: Timing And Insights Into This Celestial Phenomenon


Keep an eye on the evening skies tonight for a glimpse of the pink moon.

Set to illuminate Tuesday night’s sky, the full moon signals the second full moon following the spring equinox.

Regarding the lunar cycle, although dubbed the pink moon, it won’t actually exhibit a pink hue but rather a golden glow as it graces the evening horizon.

The arrival of the pink moon follows closely after the rare total solar eclipse on April 8, coinciding with the new moon phase and currently transitioning into its first quarter.

Originating from the seasonal association with April’s full moon, the term “pink moon” ties to the blooming of Phlox subulata, a pink wildflower native to eastern North America, as per the Farmers’ Almanac.

Across diverse cultures, this full moon boasts various names, from the breaking ice moon for the Algonquin to the egg moon for Anglo-Saxons, each carrying unique cultural and seasonal significance.

In religious contexts, the pink moon holds importance, marking events such as Easter in Christianity, Passover in Judaism, and Bak Poya in Buddhism.

Scheduled for the night of April 23, with its peak expected around 7:49 p.m., optimal viewing conditions depend on clear skies, so be sure to check your local weather forecast.

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