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Panda Dogs: Chinese Zoo Accused Of Dyeing Dogs To Look Like Panda Bears – Photo & Video


A zoo in China is being accused of attempting to mislead visitors by showcasing two dogs painted in black and white colors to resemble pandas. The allegedly dyed dogs led to a massive online troll termed “Panda Dogs”.

Videos circulating on Chinese social media depict the two “panda dogs” within an exhibit at Taizhou Zoo in Jiangsu province, which opened on May 1. Despite their panda-like appearance, characterized by black and white patterns, the wagging tails betray their true identity.

However, zoo officials cited in Chinese state media, that the dogs are Chow Chows, a fluffy breed originating from northern China, painted to mimic giant pandas. They maintain that the dogs were clearly advertised as “panda dogs,” with no deceptive claims made.

As of Friday, the dogs remain on display at the zoo, with officials reporting that visitor numbers have not significantly deviated from normal levels.

Although lacking real pandas, the zoo received criticism from both state media and the public for allegedly misleading visitors and potentially mistreating the dogs.

Zoo authorities have defended their exhibit, asserting that the dogs have not been subjected to harm.

This incident isn’t the first involving “panda dogs” sparking discussion on Chinese social media platforms.

In 2019, a dog cafe in Sichuan province raised animal welfare concerns by featuring six Chow Chows dyed to resemble pandas.

Similarly, in 2020, a video from the same province showed a “panda” being walked by a woman, which was later revealed to be a dyed Chow Chow.

Other zoos in China have faced similar accusations of presenting fake animals, often resorting to dogs disguised as wolves or African cats.

In July of last year, a zoo in Zhejiang province refuted claims that its Malayan sun bears were actually humans in disguise, after a viral video depicted one of the bears standing upright. Experts dismissed the allegation, and the zoo explained that the high summer temperatures would make it impossible for a person wearing a fur suit to endure such conditions.

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