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Understanding the role of a Cloud Architect

Cloud computing has disrupted the traditional IT landscape of organizations and is transforming how businesses operate. With the help of cloud technology, companies can access powerful computer hardware and software resources without investing in company-owned systems.

As more and more organizations adopt cloud technology, the demand for proficient cloud professionals has increased sharply. Businesses highly rely on cloud-based solutions, and this dependability will only increase in years to come.

This article will dive deeper into understanding what is a cloud architect, what a cloud architect does, and how to become a cloud architect if you wish to switch careers or propel your career growth.

Cloud architecture can be a lucrative career, provided you have gained the necessary knowledge base and refined your skills with relevant industry experience. 

What is a Cloud Architect?

A cloud architect is responsible for managing an organization’s cloud computing infrastructure. Numerous online cloud architect courses will equip you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to succeed in this job role.

They create a blueprint of the various technological components required to construct a cloud environment to deploy and run software applications. The blueprint describes the optimized path to share, pool, and scale the resources over a network. Organizations must build a well-structured and effective cloud environment for smooth business operations.

What does a Cloud Architect do?

These professionals primarily spearhead the company’s cloud computing strategy. They oversee the application architecture and its deployment in various cloud environments. They collaborate with other departments to create, optimize and maintain cloud computing solutions for organizations or clients. They also develop measures to ensure the scalability and reliability of the cloud systems with minimal downtime.

Their role also demands staying updated with the latest cloud computing technologies and trends to stay ahead of the competition and lead the cloud innovation strategy.

Cloud Architect roles and responsibilities

A cloud professional plays a significant role in an IT department of an organization. They typically report to IT directors, Chief technical officers, and other senior management leaders.

Responsibilities of a Cloud Architect

  • Collaboration with senior management and executives to understand the company’s goals. Develop an implementation plan that shows how cloud-based solutions can help the organization meet those goals.
  • Plan the organization’s cloud strategies, design potential solutions, and develop cloud-based applications.
  • Maintaining privacy in the cloud and ensuring data and other digital assets are secure.
  • Draft the company’s cloud usage practices and lay down the rules and regulations.
  • Documenting the entire cloud adoption process and being open to ongoing change based on the latest data.
  • Selecting cloud service providers based on company criteria and integrating the architecture practices into the company’s workflows.

Multiple job avenues open with a cloud certification from a reputed institution. The numerous cloud architect roles and responsibilities according to the specific job position are elaborated below:

Junior Cloud Engineer

In this role, you are responsible for designing, planning, managing, maintaining, and supporting cloud computing applications. The average salary of a junior cloud engineer in India is Rs. 3.7 lakhs, whereas it is $114,000 for employment opportunities abroad.

Cloud Network Engineer

A network engineer is responsible for ensuring the resilience and reliability of the cloud network. He is responsible for designing, building, and implementing standard network infrastructure by configuring systems or application software. A cloud network engineer earns an average salary of Rs.8 lakhs in India. However, if employed in the United States, it is $105,000.

Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is responsible for identifying the best practices of cloud architecture to support applications in the cloud environment. They work alongside senior leaders to implement the architecture strategy and cloud computing solutions using public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Architect

When serving in this role, you design the cloud infrastructure layout and framework and lead the team members to ensure that each project is completed effectively. They develop new solutions to support the company’s goals, provide technical guidance whenever needed and manage the organization’s cloud database. A cloud architect in India earns an average salary of Rs.22 lakhs, while the average salary in the United States is $218,000.

Senior Cloud Architect

As a senior leader in this field, you are responsible for developing solutions to improve an organization’s existing cloud infrastructure, analyze new potential cloud services, and enhance customer experience. Professionals at this stage have extensive technical knowledge and are well-versed in working with different cloud platforms.

How to Become A Cloud Architect?

You can start with the following steps to build your career in cloud computing.

Begin with a Bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology, or a related field will help you develop foundational theoretical and practical skills. It gives you a substantial headstart in working with operating systems, cloud security, and programming languages. Additionally, a bachelor’s degree specializing in cloud computing may provide you with a competitive edge when applying for job roles.

Get experience

Since it is not a beginner-level job, you must work in similar entry-level positions in the IT field and gain experience to lay a firm foundation for a career in cloud architecture. You can work as a system engineer, database administrator, or cloud developer.

Pursue Cloud Architect Certifications

A certification indicates that you possess the industry-relevant knowledge and skills employers look for in potential candidates. They give you superior advantages while applying for high-rank cloud positions in your dream companies.

Skills required to be a Cloud Architect

Now that you know how to become a cloud architect, let’s explore the mix of various soft and hard skills to succeed in their profession.

  • Hands-on experience in several programming languages
  • Knowledge of Java, Node js, Python, and Ruby on Rails
  • Ability to integrate several components of an organization’s IT system in one place
  • A deep understanding of how databases, networks, and other critical functions work
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills to work with different teams and deliver complex concepts in simple-to-understand language.

Understanding the pivotal role of a Cloud Architect is paramount in today’s tech landscape. A Cloud Architect orchestrates the design and deployment of cloud-based solutions, ensuring they’re secure, scalable, and aligned with business goals. Enroll in an AWS course to gain comprehensive insights into cloud architecture, mastering AWS services and tools. Learn to create and manage highly available and resilient cloud infrastructures while optimizing costs. Prepare to be a competent Cloud Architect, driving innovation through the power of Amazon Web Services.


Now that you are well versed about what is a cloud architect, you can explore the various digital courses and bootcamp training that will help you step into this lucrative yet challenging field. Poised for consistent exponential growth in the next few years, becoming a certified cloud professional is ideal for those who want to scale their career to new heights.

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